We will provide a refund or resend in cases:

  • Late delivery: It takes your products for more than 20 days to deliver to customers.
  • Product defect: There are malfunctions or defects in your products that are caused in producing, packaging or delivering processes.

Replacement and refund policy

Replace and refund cases

Late delivery

If it takes over 20 days and your products are not delivered, you could request a refund equal to the price in our quotation or a replacement and we will resend it to your customers.

Product defect

15 days after your buyers receive their orders, if there is any damage caused by the manufacturing defect or during delivery, we will send your customer a replacement. All the replacement costs are covered by us. If your customer demands a refund instead, you could request a refund equal to the price in our quotation.

On the other hand, if the wrong sizes caused by the buyers’ mistakes, such as careless product information check before purchasing their orders leading to picking the wrong product sizes, we’ll send them a replacement if they agree to be responsible for the round-trip shipping cost.

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