Why Cross Panda

CrossPanda works with top local manufacturers to test & source only what meets your quality standard. Our product quality assurance is backed by our Return & Warranty policies

Product quality assurance

Premium service doesn't mean to be pricey. We'll try our best to minimize the prices offered to you meanwhile keeping up our high standard 

Reasonable prices

Guaranteed fast shipping. Your customers will receive their orders after only 6 - 12 days. For the US, our average shipping time is only around 6 - 8 days.

Speedy delivery

All your orders will be packed in nice & non-Chinese-message packaging. Plus, you can pick up your brand trust with custom & private label packaging.

Premium packaging service

The tracking numbers are updated immediately. For buyers from US, you'll be provided another tracking number for each order that shows only the US delivery tracking source 

US tracking address

How to get started with CrossPanda

Request quotations for your winning products

Receive your quotations after 1-3 working days

Make a deal and pre-purchase your stock

CrossPanda tests and sources your products

CrossPanda stocks & manages inventories

CrossPanda ships orders and restocks for you







Sneak a look at the product quality checking process

To make customers satisfied then want to buy from you again, your product quality is a key factor. That's why CrossPanda carefully tests every product sample, then only stock what is best for you.

Automate everything between you and CrossPanda

Have hundreds of orders auto-sent to CrossPanda to fulfill in one click.

Track and be up-to-date with your inventory, your order statuses in real-time without leaving the app dashboard

Easily make your purchase with CrossPanda right in the app dashboard via your PayPal account, credit card or bank transfer method

Auto-fulfill massive orders in 1 click

Daily-updated inventory and order details

Seamless payment experience

You don’t have to bear the slow and old-fashioned emailing process while working with CrossPanda. Automate 95% of your workflow with our powerful app!


Empower dropshipping businesses all over the world

The most difficult things when running a dropshipping business are finding a qualified product source and the management of inventory. But CrossPanda handles it all. Super easy to request them for quotes and have orders fulfilled, and the delivered product is what it says it is. 

Lukas - Founder, Glamourly.co

 Not sure where to start?

Our customer support team is always ready to help you along the journey of working with CrossPanda, and provide whatever you need in 24/7

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